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ANTHEIA SPA & WELLNESS CONSULTING & EDUCATION has been active in the Spa & Wellness business since 2004 with several years of experience working with various hotels, resorts and thermal Spas at Slovenia, Croatia and other countries. We are experienced Medical Spa & Wellness experts, specializing in Spa development, business solutions, Spa management operational set-ups, training and education.

Greece is the next SPA tourism hot destination, so do not waste your time and ask for us!

Whether your needs are short-term or long-term, we offer spa management contracts tailor-made to your needs in order to help you run a profitable and successful spa and to offer superior quality service to your guests. We dedicate ourselves to every project and we are totally flexible to meet client’s needs for each individual project.

As a medical Spa & Wellness experts we see substantial potential and opportunities to develop and upgrade the hotels and resorts with the unique programs and newest technologies in this very rapidly growing business right now and in the future!

In case of proper approach to the Spa business, our extensive expertise and experience in the spa business, shows that the financial success and profitability (either at the new or existing spa) are much bigger that those planned or realised if a proper approach is used. The most managers and/or hotel owners do not recognize this potential! For that reason they do not pay enough attention and importance to this part of the business.

Therefore, as Spa experts, we make sure you avoid any risks and failure in your business.  We use our experience and expertise to lead you through various areas in order for everything to function and achieve great financial success. ANTHEIA SPA & WELLNESS CONSULTING & EDUCATION offers consultancy and education to various extends in different fields including:

  • DEVELOPMENT : Spa & Wellness is rapidly growing sector of tourism and is creating new business models and alliance partnerships, particularly in the prevention and healthy lifestyle arenas within specific categories, such as anti age services, nutrition, early diagnostics, genetic assessments and longevity medicine. In this competitive Spa industry, it is more critical now than ever to differentiate your Spa from that of your competitors and not to be another “copycat” Spa! You need to be a different and unique.
  • SPA OPERATIONS: There are many numbers of factors to be considered in setting a critical path for a successful Spa operations (staff selection and training, creative promotions and marketing plan, set up retail etc.) Owners need to be more aware of the importance of this part because spa involves enormous investment and it is therefore vital to avoid any mistakes, problems and losses. With our approach, we ensure to achieve excellent results with you and your team, both in terms of finance and your customer and employee satisfaction.
  • EDUCATION & TRAINING: We devote special attention to education as recently there has become a great need for educated and professionally qualified people in spa, because even the most beautiful Spa with the best concept will fail without well trained staff. A highly qualified staff is guarantee for success of your Spa.

With our education we dedicate us to every individual in the team (managers, receptionist, therapists etc.).

We are convinced that by implementing and developing your Spa would not only increase the profitability of Spa, but due to synergy and complementarity of offers and services, whole resort would benefit especially for increased occupancy throughout whole year ( before and after the session), not only in summer.

For a more detailed and through explanation of everything written, we are interesting for a meeting with you.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Vesna Radlovic

Antheia Wellness Consulting

Nad Mlini 50, Novo Mesto, 8000, Slovenia

+38 651722483

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