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Asthanga Yoga Crete, Chania

In our yoga center in Chania, Asthanga yoga Crete we try to focus in whatever that could inspire and benefit our evolution.

Our practice methods are based on the steps of Asthanga Yoga & Hatha Yoga.
Each method is adjusted to the practitioner in order for you to benefit as best as possible and not the other way round. Thus our practice of Yoga is feasible for all body types, level, period of life, age and anything else that someone could think that perhaps it might not make him/her suitable-for this program.
We give emphasis on the method and quality of our breathing as this is the base of all Asanas, enhancing the energy flow within our body and mind. We wish to distinguish your individual needs and experience in order to inspire, advice and guide you as needed and help you come closer to your ideal personal practice, feel and listen to the lessons that your nature silently sends you, thus help you come closer to yourself.

Those who already have a little experience or are even advanced Yoga practitioners, you will have the opportunity to experience your practice in a friendly environment, to receive and to share with others, while those who do not have any experience, you will be fortunate enough to make a beginning in a very unique environment under very special conditions.

We also offer Vedic astrology-reading sessions that can benefit and advise our life as a good friend in any period of it.
For anyone who wants a massage is available by our collaborators.
Sessions using sound through Indian classical music, chanting, practicing vocal or singing balls & gong sound bath. Sound is a ‘subtle’ therapeutic approach, quite beneficial.
As we are aware in what ‘we put’ into our mind, important is the approach of nutrition too.
Through our collaborators, an advisory diet is offered in order to benefit each practitioner.

Speeches, discussions, or ‘satsang’ as we call in the yogic language are happening time to time inspiring and supporting our practice.

To be informed for our yoga classes, various events and activities, which are happening here, you can visit our website : www.yogacrete.com & facebook : Asthanga Yoga Crete

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