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Available Dates: All year round

Locations: Athens • Peloponnese • Greek Islands • All Greece

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Unrivaled Support on Guided Tours.

Throughout the day our guides give unrivaled support ensuring every rider gets the personal attention they deserve.

Exceptional Guides. Each of our trips has one or two Guides. For big groups we have one guide in our support vehicle and the other cycling alongside you.

Guaranteed to Run. As long as you’re going, we’re going. We’re travelers too, and we realize that your vacation schedule isn’t flexible. Our tours’ duration vary from 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 2 days until multiday tours.

Trained Mechanics. Our guides are trained bike mechanics ready quickly to fix any flat and change your saddle height to make sure you’re safe and comfortable on the road.

Luggage Transfers. We will ensure that your bags are safely transferred and delivered to your hotel room. (At multiday bike trips)

Rest Stops. We have a buffet of treats on our snack table including local specialties, peanuts and of course water. (Optional service at most of the tours, upon request basis. At the most of the tours, on rest stops, you are free to have your own snacks along or to buy something on site at local cafes, supermarkets, bars)

Photographers. We make certain that your lifetime memories live on. At the end of each trip, guests are provided with a collection of photos that allow them to relive their experience. (Optional service at most of the tours, upon request basis)

Mainland Greece and the Greek islands features a plethora of bike routes to ride.

Trails by the coastline, at the mountains, next to the touristic resorts, at the archaeological sites and at the natural attractions

Suggested Routes for guided & self-guided tours:

Route 1 / Km 200    Attica. Athens, Cape Sounio, Marathon, Acropolis, Piraeus, Aegina.

Route 2 / Km 250    Peloponnese. Kiato, Loutraki, Mycenae, Argos, Nafplio,Spetses island.

Route 3 / Km 300    Evia island. Edipsos, Rovies, Chalkida, Eretria, Kymi, Karystos.

Route 4 / Km 350    Cyclades Islands: Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Santorini.

Route 5 / Km 400    Peloponnese. Sparta, Kalamata, Messene, Koroni, Navarino, Gargaliani, Kyparissia, Pyrgos, Olympia, Zakynthos.

Route 6 / Km 450    Chalkidiki. Sani, Fourka, Paliouri, Chanioti, Nikiti, Poligiros, Arnaia, Ierissos, Ammoulliani islet.

Route 7 / Km 500    Crete. Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, Knossos, Hersonissos, Elounda.

Half-day bike guided tours average prices vary from 30 to 90 euro per person, related to persons’ group booking, local provider, services included, location, hours duration. Send your request anytime to receive a custom or ready-made offer.

Expert Bike Holiday Design.

The perfect trip is like a play. Every hotel, activity, experience and aspect is finely choreographed. To us, every moment matters. Οur expert trip designers has crafted the most perfect experience from start-to-finish. We know the best rides, the best hotels, the undiscovered restaurants, and hidden treasures that make a place unique.

Safety First. We never take you into uncharted territory or down untested roads. And we always start each morning with a safety briefing and equipment check.

Details Matter. Our guides and trip designers collaborate for weeks before you arrive to make sure that every detail is taken care of, from the welcome to the final farewell.

Local Knowledge. We never take you anywhere a local wouldn’t choose. Our routes, accommodations, and dining reservations are intricately planned so you get an insider’s view of your destination.

Travel Assistance. Our travel experts have keen awareness for the details of getting to and from your trip. Need help planning additional travel services? Simply speak with customer service. Travel is our business, so is your complete enjoyment.

Feedback. At the end of every trip, we welcome your feedback. We never know how you truly enjoyed your vacation until you tell us.

Bike Accommodation. We suggest first our bike accommodation because they provide their own bikes and have a long experience in bike travelers. But, we can organize your trip with any kind of accommodation and the bikes will be delivered by our travel agency.

Book our signature packages including accommodation & bikes at Hotels all over Greece and Greek islands

Special discounts for groups & clubs

We deliver our bikes at your Villa, Hotel or any other accommodation during your vacations in Greece.

Better packages at low season, October, November, December, April, May, June and off season, January, February, March.

Limited room & bike availability on high season, July, August, September (early booking suggested for thse 3 months).

Bike Rental.

Bikes are in our blood. Part of what makes a bike vacation great is the bike you’re riding. You’ve just been upgraded to first class. Part of what makes a bike vacation great is the bike you’re riding. There’s no tour operator that gets it more than us. It’s why we provide, at no added cost, the kind of bikes that ride so exceptionally, guests want to buy them when the trip is done.

From 15 to 50 euro per day related to the bike type (city bikes, m-bikes, trekking, e-bikes, race bikes)

Included: Helmet

Prices above vary from a budget offers to premium offers, related to the bike brand name, the bike shop availability, the local provider and the location of pick up. will always search for the best possible offer, aiming to save time and money for you! Better prices on group requests.

Ask for a bike delivery at your hotel or any other place, with an extra charge.

Ask for extra accessories (panniers/bags, technical service, car support) for a nominal extra charge.

Network of Bike Shops & Service Points.

  • Athens
  • Marathon beach / Nea Makri (40km from Athens)
  • Nafplio
  • Kalamata
  • Pylos
  • Chalkidiki
  • Thessaloniki
  • Corfu island
  • Zakynthos island
  • Rhodes island
  • Naxos island
  • Mykonos island
  • Santorini island
  • Evia island
  • Heraklion / Crete island
  • Hersonissos / Crete island
  • Elounda / Crete island
  • Chania / Crete island
  • Rethymno / Crete island
  • Kos island
  • Karpathos island

Built for Every Rider.

Our guests all share one thing in common: they believe that seeing the world by bike is better. We make sure to have the perfect biking trip for any riding level. Find the trip that fits your style. Whether you ride for the breeze, the fitness, the transportation or the suffering of it all, we have a trip that fits your lifestyle. Riding at your comfort level starts with finding your comfort level. Find your bike tour style below.


MY FITNESS LEVEL… I’m relatively fit and am comfortable with hills that are less than half a mile in length. I want to ride on my vacation, but not every day.

I ENJOY… Slight inclines, but like it to be mostly flat. I also don’t mind hopping in the support van when I’ve ridden enough.

MY AVERAGE DAY ON THE BIKE… Around 1-2 hours of riding each day. I can ride about 10 km, and up to 25 km on a long day.

I’M COMFORTABLE CLIMBING… Shorter climbs and small hills. Less is ok with me. About 200 meters of climbing.

FOR MOUNTAIN BIKE TRIPS… My fitness level: I am comfortable on 1-3 hour rides at an easy pace, of 5-9 km in length with manageable short climbs throughout. I exercise about one day a week. My skill level: I have some experience riding a mountain bike and can easily control speed and direction on pavement, double-track roads and some smooth single-track.


MY FITNESS LEVEL… I ride my bike on a regular basis either for fitness, to commute to work, or just for fun. I enjoy an active lifestyle with an occasional physical challenge.

I ENJOY… Rolling terrain with some bigger hills that are challenging. I feel great after reaching the top.

MY AVERAGE DAY ON THE BIKE… Around 2-3 hours of riding each day. I can ride about 25 km, and up to 50 km on a long day.

I’M COMFORTABLE CLIMBING… Steep rollers and short mountains, but with a few breaks in between. About 500 m. of climbing.

FOR MOUNTAIN BIKE TRIPS… My fitness level: I am comfortable on 3-5 hour rides at a moderate pace, of 10-14 km in length with a few short anaerobic climbs throughout. I get out for exercise about 3 days a week. My skill level: I have some experience riding trails or off road terrain and have been mountain biking for at least one year. I can control my bike speed and direction on smooth trails and moderately uneven terrain, but often walk my bike when things get rocky.


MY FITNESS LEVEL… Fitness is central to my life. I ride my bike regularly on a weekly basis and am comfortable with rides of 2 hours or more at a relatively strong pace.

I ENJOY… All terrain, with hills and some moderate mountain passes that I can brag about. I like getting some speed on moderate descents.

MY AVERAGE DAY ON THE BIKE… Around 3-4 hours of riding. I can ride about 45 km, and up to 80 km on a long day.

I’M COMFORTABLE CLIMBING… Hills, mountains, and everything in between. Around 800 meters of climbing.

FOR MOUNTAIN BIKE TRIPS… My fitness level: I am comfortable on 4-7 hour rides at a moderate pace, of 15-19 km in length with numerous technical climbs and descents throughout. I exercise at least 4 days a week. My skill level: I have been mountain biking for at least two years and am able to control my speed and direction on moderately steep and technical single-track trails. I am comfortable descending on loose or uneven terrain, including rocks, gravel, tree roots and small drops.

  • AVID

MY FITNESS LEVEL… I ride my bike an average of 150 km per week and enjoy a fast pace for an extended period of time. I love to train, improve, and maybe even race my friends.

I ENJOY… All terrain, with hills and big mountain passes. Steep technical descents are fun and I enjoy a challenge.

MY AVERAGE DAY ON THE BIKE… Around 4-5 hours of riding. I can ride about 60 km, and up to 100 km on a long day.

I’M COMFORTABLE CLIMBING… There’s no hill too long or steep. Around 1,200 meters of climbing.

FOR MOUNTAIN BIKE TRIPS… My fitness level: I am comfortable on 5-plus hour rides at a fast pace of 20-30 km in length with long technical climbs and descents. I exercise 5 or more days per week and consider myself very physically fit. My skill level: I am a strong rider who has been mountain biking for 5 or more years and am comfortable climbing and descending steep, technical and exposed terrain that includes rocks, tree roots, primitive trail surfaces, tight switchbacks, short drops and jumps.

More is Included.

Little things make a big difference. We look for ways to include more into every trip, so you can get more out of it. And if you see something extra you’d like, don’t be afraid to ask.

More Attention. If you’re looking for a vacation that’s more personal, you’ve come to the right place. Our guides, our travel agencies and hotels’ stuff are there to give you everything you need and more.

More Extras. Additions like cycling jerseys, Garmin GPS devices, and discounts on future bike purchases make our vacations truly stand out. More than that, you may ask for any private service, like spa treatments, golf, water sports, waterparks, others.

More Options. Need more km? Tell us. Want more relaxing? We’ll plan it in. There’s always more enjoyment to be had, and we’re here to give you more of what you love.

Loyalty Club. After just one trip with us, we welcome you to the Club that gets you access to added extras, savings, bonuses, more.

  • Coupon valued from €50 up to €100 off a new Bicycle purchase from our shops’ network, Greece. Contact us for details.
  • Priority wait list in purchasing used bicycles from our bike shops. Contact us for details
  • Discounts on bike accessories and clothing from our bike shops
  • From €10 up to €50 tour credit in your loyalty account for each new guest (paid customer) you refer to us
  • Club e-mails, with exclusive information and offers on accommodation, events and other travel services

Get in Touch with Us. manages your questions for information as a consultancy agency, providing answers. manages your inquiries for bookings (independent & companies, travel agencies, hotels) as a Destination Management Company, replying with availability status, payments terms, and discounts or forward the contact to affiliated local companies: outdoor activities providers, the travel services agencies & the bike accommodation.

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