Orient Bikes

Asksports.gr presents the best bike offers, exclusive made for hotels

A Bike friendly Hotel is about providing your own bikes at the hotel guests. Asksports.gr is a pround partner of www.orient-bikes.gr the top Greek manufacturer & distributor of quality bikes and bicycle equipment.

If you are an owner / director of any type of accommodation facility in Greece or abroad, ask now ask@asksports.gr for the discount prices. E-bikes will be available soon.

Check below our suggested bicycles for hotels with prices from 150 to 190 euros (plus vat):

1. City Bike, classic 20′

2. City Bike, nostalgie 26′

3. City Bike, classic 28′

4. Folding Bike, easy 20′

5. Mountain Bike, modular 26′

6. Mountain Bike, boost III 29′

7. Fitness Bike, my way 28′

8. Fitness Bike, avenue lady 28′

9. Fitness Bike, avenue man 28′

Customer Support: Georges Goutzioupas

Athens, Greece

+30 6988 568 571

E-mail. ask@asksports.gr


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