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Peloponnese Facts & Figures

Øcareless days

Ø  culture & history

Ø  virgin olive oil

Ø  12 months destination

Ø  1,200 km coastline

Ø  uncomplicated life

Ø  olympic games birthplace

Ø  sea & sun

Ø  50 mountains

Ø  2,800 flora species

Ø  outdoor activities

Ø  natura listed sites

Ø  mild winters

Ø  200 excellent beaches

Ø  54,000 hotel beds

The Peloponnese peninsula is the southernmost part of Greece, as well as of the European continent. Its morphology ranges from mountainous with mountain chains riven by deep gorges and rivers to regular with its jagged coastline and vast beaches. Up until 1894, the Peloponnese was connected with mainland Greece by the Isthmus of Corinth. A modern bridge currently serves this purpose, and this location attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Shots of History

1600–1100 BC  Peak of Mycenaean civilization and its centers, Mycenae, Tiryns, Pylos

776 BC  1st ancient Olympic Games held at Olympia

492–449 BC  Greco-Persian wars. The Spartans, the Athenians and other Greeks wins the battles

146 BC  The Romans conquer the Peloponnese

395 AD  The Roman Empire split in two. The Peloponnese becomes part of the Byzantine Empire

1204 AD  The Franks occupy the Peloponnese

1460 AD  The Ottoman Turks become the new rulers of the Peloponnese

1821 AD  Start of the war of independence for Greece and Peloponnese

1875 AD  Archeological excavations commence at Olympia, Mycenae, by H. Schliemann

1880-1893 AD  The Corinth canal is built

2004 AD   Inauguration of the 2,880 m. long bridge Rio-Antirio

Accessibility Info

From the Athens International Airport (connected with all European destinations)

Corinth   1 h 15 min

Tripoli  2 h

Nafplio  2 h 15 min

Kalamata  2 h 45 min

Porto Heli  3 h

Monemvasia    3 h 30 min

Olympia  4 h 30 min

From the Kalamata International Airport (connected with 21 European destinations)

Kalamata beach   20 min

Ancient Messene   20 min

Taygetos mountain   40 min

Costa Navarino   45 min

Ancient Olympia   2 h

The port of Patra is connecting with Ionian Islands & Italy. 4 of Greece’s 20 ports with cruise ship arrivals are in Peloponnese: Katakolo, Kalamata, Nafplio, Monemvasia.

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