Training in Greece. What & Where

Greece is the perfect destination for sports training travelers. The weather conditions are good enough even at winter time, especially in the southern islands (Crete, Kos). In Greece you can find modern fully equipped sporting facilities. Athens city has hosted the 2004 Olympic – Paralympic Games and 2011 Special Olympic Games. The Greek islands host every year many wind and sea events (Lefkada and Paros islands). Greek islands are popular destinations for extreme sports also, like Zakynthos for base jump and Kalymnos for rock climbing. The mainland of Greece has friendly mountain landscapes for biking & running. Cities like Volos at central Greece, Kalamata at south Peloponnese and Hania at Crete island, offer both facilities and touristic attractions. The sea waters of Greece are safe and crystal, ideal for open water swimming & diving.

Greece is the birthplace of Marathon race & the birthplace of Olympic Games. The history of sports was born here. Greece is the perfect destination for sports training camps, events and sports leisure holidays.

Location per Sport / Activity

Kalamata town, Peloponnese region


Open Water / Sea Swimming

Athens city, Attica region




Technical & Free Diving (Athens coastal zone & Saronic islands)

Indoor Beach Volleyball, Outdoor Beach Volleyball

Bocce / Boccia / Balls (Paralympics sport)


Marathon area, Attica region

Kayak – Rowing

Beach Tennis / Rackets, Beach Handball, Beach Soccer

Hania area, Crete island

Road Cycling

Dynamic Sports: Judo, Wrestling, Weightlifting, Boxing, Kick Boxing, TaeKwonDo, Karate

Heraklio area, Crete island

Football – 11×11, Mini Football (Indoor & outdoor) – 8×8, 5×5


Corfu island, Ionian islands region


Water Ski / Water Board


Kos island, Dodecanese islands region

Marathon Running


Body Fitness, Aerobics, Zumba Dance

Olympus mountain, Pieria, Macedonia region

Mountain Bike

Mountain Running

Air Sports – Paragliding

Lefkada island, Ionian islands region

Windsurfing – Kiteboarding

Zakynthos island, Ionian islands region

Base Jumping

Kalymnos island, Dodecanese islands region

Rock Climbing

Volos town & Pelio peninsula, Thessaly region

Indoor Sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Badminton


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