Why Greece

Tourists in Greece during their vacations spend the most of their time at the beaches. Water sports stations are located at the beaches providing windsurfing, kite boarding and scuba diving. Beaches also host beach recreational sports like beach volley or beach rackets. The most of the vacation resorts and hotels are located next to the beaches. All above facts means that beaches are the most important places for the development of Sports related Tourism in Greece.

The natural habitat in Greece is mostly green and mountainous. Greece has the ability to offer quality hiking and cycling tours in a non urban but rural environment. The competitive factor for Greece is that the hiking and cycling routes/trails can include stops at archaeological sites and at the villages where you can taste the Greek cuisine. The biggest advantage of Greece as a destination for sports related vacations / holidays / tours, is the Greek islands. At the most of the islands the tourists can ride a bicycle or walk around doing the sightseeing and exploring all the secret natural treasures. At the Greek mainland there are plenty of routes for cycling or walking at sea side roads and at the mountain paths.

The Advantages of Greece, as an international tourism destination

  • The Greek Polynesia (numerous islands)
  • The natural trails at the green environment
  • The monuments of nature, like Gorges (the biggest in Europe)
  • The flora and fauna diversity
  • The warm summer weather and the mild winter weather
  • The Mediterranean Greek Cuisine
  • The endless coast line and their beaches
  • The contribution in world sciences (medicine) and arts (theater, music, dance)
  • The impressive Mountains in Mainland and in the islands
  • The historic monuments (world heritage) Ancient era, Byzantium, Medieval
  • The protected parks for wild animals (sea turtles)
  • The birth place of Olympic Games, the world Sports History, The ancient Stadiums
  • The safe swimming activity at the crystal waters in the Greek seas
  • The Greek Mythology History
  • The rich life of underwater world
  • The easy living at the touristic destinations
  • The hospitality spirit from Greeks
  • Safe living experience

Activity Holidays in Greece consists of the following parts:

The most popular destination for Active Holidays

Crete island, Athens-Attica, all Greek islands, Ancient Olympia, Messinia, Pelion peninsula, Chalkidiki peninsula

The most popular Sporting Activities during Active Holidays:

Walking, Hiking, Trekking, Running, Cycling, Mountain Bike, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Water & Beach Sports

Sporting Events and Races to participate:

Running Races (Marathons, Half Marathons), Triathlon races, Cycling races, Water Sports races, Sailing events (Aegean Regatta), Beach Volley tournaments


SPA facilities, Thalassotherapy, Sauna, Massage treatments, Yoga, Meditation, Body Fitness, Pilates

Leisure and Entertainment Activities:

Cruises at the Greek islands, theatrical and music events, swimming at the sea waters, games at the sandy beaches, night walks nest to the coast, dancing at clubs and bars, learning Greek dances, shopping, Greek cuisine

Activities to Participate during your holidays:

Tours and visits at Natura protected places, watching wild animals, like sea turtles, birds and deer. Seminars organized by NGOs. Volunteer actions organized by local communities, like cleaning the beaches. Charity events

Tours for Active Travelers:

Ancient stadiums, like ancient Olympia, ancient Messene, Delfi, Nemea. Castles and museums. Mountain trails and paths. Forest. Sites with ecological interest. Coastlines. Traditional villages. Rural areas, like olive oil trees. Wineries. Thematic parks, water parks, Golf clubs, Sporting facilities


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